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The PTS50 is engineered to be one of the strongest static support semi-trailer system on the market today.  Each leg is plated to handle a static load of 25 tonnes, giving a combined static load resistance of 50 tonnes per set as standard.

The legs do not rely on the traditional screw and nut mechanism which has been in operation for many years and is susceptible over time to wear or fail due to incorrect use, poor maintenance and age.  Instead the PTS50 comprises of a pneumatic piston system with a locking pin and bush which has been over engineered account for any dynamic weight shift.

The hand wound legs found in use today are generally replaced if one of the tens of moving parts fail due to the down time required to make a repair.  The PTS50 only has four moving parts which have all been designed to give many years of trouble free use.  If a part does get damaged it can be quickly replaced by the removal of a couple of bolts and the damaged component exchanged.  This greatly prolongs the life of the system and reduces any down time incurred during trailer repairs.