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Efficiency is a great advantage to have over your competitors, the PTS50 landing legs can save close to 3 minutes per operation by replacing the hand wound operation needed on the traditional legs with a simple automated push button system.  Busy distribution centres can save hours per man when the operation is being repeated over and over again throughout your shunt driver’s working day.  Two minutes 55 seconds saved on each operation soon adds up when a shunt driver can move around 45+ trailers per shift!  Your drivers will also be safer by spending more time in the tractor unit and less time in the yard away from hazards and the elements which should keep your workforce happier in the colder months.

The PTS50 has been designed to eliminate day to day problems within the haulage industry.  Traditional hand wound trailer landing legs are very complex, the nut mesh mechanism which operates the telescopic action consists of tens of moving parts.  If one of these parts fail which they quite often do due to wear and tear and miss-use then the landing leg is stuck in that position, so if your driver arrives at his destination to collect or drop off a trailer and there is damage to the landing leg preventing it from being raised or lowered. they will be waiting in the trailer yard until a trailer fitter/maintenance operator can attend to fix the problem, this can be very problematic for companies who are working under very tight deadlines with penalty clauses for late arrival of goods, the problem becomes more evident for refrigerated trailers where delays can be critical.

The PTS50 works by Pneumatics which consist of 2 x moving pistons, if one or both pistons were to fail due to an unforeseen problem the leg can be raised/lowered manually and the locking pin can be operated manually meaning you can collect/drop your load and carry on to your destination(s) to complete your delivery(s).  Maintenance is only required once the trailer is returned to your yard completely cutting out the trailer downtime and any costly call out and labour fees incurred.

Due to the cost of replacement parts, the complexity of the traditional hand wound legs and the laborious task involved in fixing worn parts there is a throw away culture with hand wound legs.  This means the whole leg is removed and replaced with a brand new leg rather than just replacing the damaged part, in most cases the old legs must be burnt off which extends the labour time/cost even further.  There is also an environmental impact due to the amount of steel being produced for what has effectively become a throw away product.

The PTS50 is extremely durable, if any of the moving parts are damaged the repair is a quick and simple process to complete.  Here at Prime Transport Solutions we have a dedicated Technical Support and After Sales team on hand to assist with access to a catalogue of spare parts.  Ultimately the PTS50 will assist in reducing maintenance and repair costs and get your trailer back on the road quicker as well as reducing the carbon foot print involved in manufacturing a full new landing leg.