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The safety award winning

PTS50 Pneumatic Trailer Support System

“Tomorrow’s technology today”

For more than 100 years landing legs on semi-trailers have been injuring drivers

With today’s modern tractor units, there is simply no need for an adjustable trailer landing leg. With our industry’s culture of developing automated systems to reduce operational risks, the hand wound landing leg system has been mostly overlooked.

We have the solution – Prevention through Design.

The PTS50 Pneumatic Trailer Support System has been designed with all the usual problems considered and alleviated by skilled engineers using the latest CAD modelling and Finite Element Analysis. Operation is by push button control and fed from the trailer’s air system. There is no need for the support system to raise or lower the trailer as this can be done using the airbags on the modern tractor unit therefore making this a safe static support rather than raise/lower system.

CLICK HERE to read an independent overview and assessment of the PTS50.

The pages on this website provide much more in-depth technical detail and additional benefits the PTS50 Pneumatic Trailer Support System can offer your organisation, but if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The multi award winning PTS50

Top 20 Products 2015 by heavy duty trunking magazine

Prime Transport Solutions’ PTS50 Pneumatic Trailer Legs, have been named as one of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s (HDT) ‘Top 20 Products’ for 2015. PTS50 was selected by a panel of Technology Management Council (TMC) fleet managers and past Truck Fleet Innovators. To read more CLICK HERE.

Fleet Transport Awards 2015 - Safety Award Winner

Prime Transport Solutions PTS50 Pneumatic landing legs have been named as the Safety Award winner at the Fleet Transport Awards 2015.

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