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/ March 14, 2014

2014 TMC Show

Members of the Prime Transport Solutions team were in attendance at the TMC show in Nashville, Tennessee this week to exhibit the PTS50 landing leg system to Transport Industry experts, the event was very...

/ March 7, 2014

PTS and WABCO team up to lose the crank

Prime Transport Solutions and WABCO have been working together on a project for one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains WM Morrisons plc.  Bringing the latest technology in aerodynamics with WABCO’s Optiflow system and...

/ February 21, 2014

Start to reap the rewards of Fuel and Labour efficiency

The PTS50 is now being recognised by some of the leading logistics companies around the globe as the perfect solution for improving efficiency in busy drop & swap distribution depot’s by seriously reducing idle...

/ February 21, 2014

Positive short and medium term outlook for the West European Trailer Market

CLEAR International has issued a new report forecasting the demand for heavy goods trailers in Western Europe to 2018 and presenting the final results for 2013. 2013 finished the year slightly below expectations, particularly...

/ February 14, 2014

“so far PTS50 is a game changer”.

Rolf Lockwood, Editor and founding member of Today’s Trucking magazine, specialized in product reviews for the past 20 years stated “so far PTS50 is a game changer”. New to North America is the PTS50 pneumatic...

/ February 4, 2014

“Prime Transport Solutions Ltd. Successfully appoints Executive Vice President, North America”

Prime Transport Solutions Ltd. is expanding in North America with the appointment of  Simon E. Bois as Executive Vice President, North America.   Bois’ comes from the grass-roots of transport business.  Several Bois family...

/ February 4, 2014

PTS50 attracts US Government interest


/ January 27, 2014

Prime Transport Solutions become Corporate member of Women in trucking

David White – managing director of Prime Transport Solutions “We have grasped this opportunity to support and become a corporate member of Women in Trucking, we believe there is a real synergy between our...

/ January 20, 2014

PTS50 Making an Impact

The PTS50 Pneumatic landing gear system is now starting to be recognised as the number one choice by leading Aerodynamic companies when conducting fuel reduction projects around the globe.  The main factors for replacing...

/ December 22, 2013

Aerodynamic Landing Legs blog – by Henry Albert professional driver for Freightliners “Team run smart”

I have been testing the PTS50 Pneumatic Trailer Support System for a few months now. I began working with Prime Transport Solutions back in October to evaluate the benefits of this new equipment. The...