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/ January 12, 2016

PTS50 Endorsement by ITC Logistic GmbH

ITC Logistic GmbH, a German transport company offering comprehensive collection and distributions logistics throughout Europe has been using the PTS50 pneumatic landing legs on a number of their trailers since October 2015.  Thomas Kühnlein, Managing Director had the following to say about the PTS50:

“We have been using the system since October for trailers based at our Winnenden warehouse, and are very impressed. The system has greatly increased the efficiency of our warehouse-factory trunking operations.  It is a very simple and user friendly system that means that swapping trailer is no longer the time consuming and backbreaking task that, especially in bad weather, it once was.” Thomas Kühnlein, Managing Director.

For more information on ITC Logistic and the services they offer visit www.itc-logistic.com


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