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/ January 9, 2015

PTS50®, a Contender in Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s 2015 HDT Top 20 Products

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (HDT), leader and award winner in innovative, effective media services for trucking and its allied industries since early 1900s has confirmed Prime Transport Solutions’ [PTS] pneumatic trailer legs are one of the contenders for this year’s HDT Top 20 products, which will be featured in our February [2015] issue”.

Each year, HDT honors 20 of the best new products introduced the previous year with its Top 20 awards. Each product is selected based on its level of innovation, whether it addresses significant industry issues or concerns, and its potential to improve a trucking operation’s bottom line. HDT will be handing out the awards at the upcoming February 2015 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) conference in Nashville, TN, USA.

“It is the total cumulative value of all ten distinctive benefits of the PTS50® over the standard crank-operated legs that make the PTS50® so potent in favor of fleets against their own competition. All proven benefits of the PTS50® clearly meet HDT’s criteria in innovation addressing industry issues such as driver safety and recruiting or retention, maintenance, fuel, aerodynamics, weight, performance, efficiency and carbon print. After receiving a first safety award in 2014, current users being pleased with performance, this announcement from HDT is quite timely. We feel grateful forHDT’s renowned objective consideration. We thank them for the opportunity of being considered. We wish all other contenders the very best in this event. We truly feel privileged to be counted among them all, making a positive impact in the business.”Simon E. Bois, EVP & GM North America PTS

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (www.truckinginfo.com) also known as “HDT”reaches more than 115,000 executives at commercial truck fleets (Classes 1-8) and over 4,000 truck and trailer dealership managers. The magazine traces its beginnings back to the beginning days of trucking in the early 1900s and a regional publication called Western Drayman & Warehouseman. Over the years HDT became the unquestioned editorial leader in the field, consistently giving readers unbiased, analytical reporting on major issues such as the latest EPA diesel emissions standards, the corrosive dangers of newfangled road de-icers, employee drug testing, counterfeit parts, fuel quality problems, driver fatigue, the highway funding debate, the fuel price crisis and more.

Prime Transport Solutions Ltd. (www.primetransportsolutions.com) is an Ireland based company which manufactures safety award winner, patent-pending “Pneumatic Landing Leg/Gear” (PTS50®) for heavy duty commercial transport trailers/containers/chassis/tankers worldwide. The PTS50® line of products offers“Prevention Through Design” and “Applied Ergonomics”. Benefits of the PTS50®include weight reduction, reduced maintenance, elimination of risks of injury caused by operation of conventional product, idling reduction time, better productivity, better driver recruiting and retention as well as enablement of added aerodynamics.

PTS50® is currently available through Aurora Parts (www.auroraparts.com).Aurora Parts provides the largest, most in-depth line of quality trailer parts for the transportation industry in North America.


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