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/ June 5, 2014

!! WARNING !! If you or your company use cranked handle trailer landing legs please read the information below:

Be aware of the known issues associated around crank handle landing legs and their use:

  1. Has been the cause of serious injury and in extreme cases even death to the crank operator.
  2. Can collapse without prior warning leaving the trailer to tip over causing serious injury or death to anybody within close proximity.
  3. Is the cause of thousands of instances of long term medical conditions such as MSD’s and repetitive strain syndrome due to not being ergonomically  designed for the modern day trucking industry.
  4. Is the reason behind worker compensation claims that result from the injuries sustained.
  5. Cranked legs are heavy and will increase your fuel consumption hitting you in the pocket again.
  6. Ultimately your company carbon footprint will increase due to the throw away culture.
  7. Require maintaining constantly.
  8. Pro -longed driver training due to the many different ways cranked landing legs can be misused.
  9. The operation can take up to 3 minutes increasing the risk to any driver outside the safety of his tractor unit in busy distribution centres.
  10. If used in conjunction with full aerodynamic skirts will decrease your trailer parking space due to the access doors needed to access the crank handles.


Ask yourself………………If you were presented with the cranked system as a new product in 2014 would you introduce it to your fleet knowing the above?

There is only one cost effective product in the market place today which eliminates all of the above issues …………………………………The PTS50.

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