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/ March 18, 2014

“PTS50 Gains Serious Momentum in North America”

“2014 Technology Management Conference organized by the American Trucking Association, was attended by 1000s of senior management delegates from best practice North American fleets.  The PTS50 gained tremendous attention from fleets.  The OEMs and their engineers were able to see, touch and feel the PTS50 in action.  The press conference was attended by ~10 of the top trade journalists in the North American market.  All were given an opportunity to provide feedback, question and voice concerns.  All left satisfied.  As a result, the PTS50 was featured in Heavy Duty Magazine as well as Transport Routier next day.  The PTS team left with purchase orders in hand.  Several hundred kits are forecasted to be shipped in the next few months.  A successful pilot has agreed to start ordering with the hope to standardize their fleet with the PTS50.  All in all a complete success reaching far beyond our expectations.”

Heavy Duty Magazine Review: http://www.truckinginfo.com/channel/products.aspx

Transport Routier: http://www.transportroutier.ca/products.cfm?intDocID=30785&pageaction=itemdetails




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