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/ March 7, 2014

PTS and WABCO team up to lose the crank

Prime Transport Solutions and WABCO have been working together on a project for one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains WM Morrisons plc.  Bringing the latest technology in aerodynamics with WABCO’s Optiflow system and the PTS50 landing gear together has created a trailer for the future.  WABCO’s Optiflow system is the most technologically advanced aerodynamic side-skirt system on the market and with PTS50’s push button controls and reduced weight the two systems work hand in hand.

“This is yet again another milestone for PTS.  This is what you get after 10 years of product development and 4 years of tests.  Not only is our technology enabling more aerodynamics, it is also doing the job it was designed for in the first place for the client.  Among other benefits, the PTS50 eliminates risks of injuries and enhances fuel efficiency.” said David White, PTS Managing Director and CEO




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