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/ December 16, 2013

AirFlow Truck Company – US

Prime Transport Solutions are delighted to announce that we have partnered and are supporting AirFlow Truck Company based in Connecticut US with their latest project, the first prototype of their next-generation AirFlow truck. AirFlow Truck Company are tasked with designing and building a hyper fuel mileage truck capable of achieving extreme mpg , the industry average in the US is currently set at 6.5 mpg.

The company have already designed the BulletTruck which is a proof-of-concept prototype capable of averaging 13.4 mpg, but are now going one step further. The BulletTruck is based upon a Kenworth T2000, whereas the new next-generation truck will be “scratch-built” with a brand new composite hyper-aerodynamic cab.

Prime Transport Solutions are solving a problem while also reducing trailer weight , where the PTS50 comes in to its own when used in conjunction with skirted trailers is the fact that large windows do not need to be added to the skirt to allow for the use of the crank handle which is needed to operate traditional landing gear, with the PTS50 just 2 x operation buttons are fitted  to the skirting which allows for smaller gaps to be left between parked trailers against larger gaps needed when trailer skirts containing windows are used. Fleets will benefit by trailer space increasing up to 20%.

That’s not the only reason behind PTS and AFT partnering. The PTS50 is lighter than traditional landing gear and more efficient reducing both trailer weight and engine idle time which will bring the next-generation truck fuel consumption even more fuel savings. The PTS50 enables trailer skirt companies to take aero dynamics to another level as the landing gear can be fully enclosed,  we are really excited about partnering with AFT as both companies goals are the same……………we are extremely passionate about reducing fuel consumptions and carbon foot prints alike and creating greener fleets.

For more information on AirFlow Truck Company please visit http://www.airflowtruck.com/


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