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/ November 28, 2013

Don’t be the next to get hit in the pocket

Workers compensation claims

A reduction in workers compensation claims can make all the difference to any company trading in today’s tough financial climate.

There are hundreds of thousands of compensation claims being submitted against companies each year within the transport industry by truck drivers for various different reasons, from crank handles recoiling and striking the operator in the face causing serious injury which turned in to a $400,000 claim in the courts to a $25,000,000 compensation claim when a trailer actually collapsed due to landing gear failure while a fork lift truck operator was inside loading the trailer, causing serious bodily harm, there are even tragic cases of trailers collapsing due to landing gear failure that result in death.

The one thing that all of the cases have in common where landing gear is involved is the main counts that are brought to the court:

  • Negligence by the company by not providing safe, road worthy equipment
  • The trailer was owned/controlled and maintained by the company and therefore the company should have known that the trailer was in an unsafe condition and negligently and without due regard for safety provided the trailer knowing that the plaintiff and other warehouse employees would be working on the trailer
  • The company failed to provide adequate warning and instructions on how to use the landing gear correctly

What safeguards and processes do you have in place to protect your company?

One thing for certain is that traditional hand cranked landing gear does fail from time to time, one thing that is not certain is when this is going to happen.  The best trailer mechanic in the world could not tell you how many times the trailer has been dropped in its working life or how much damage has been sustained to the screw mech or gearing inside a traditional landing leg.  Companies find out that there is a problem when it is too late and the accident has already occurred like the company that we visited in the US in September of this year.  13 of their trailers had collapsed inside a six week period which was just outside the 5 year landing leg warranty, the company in question made the decision to replace all the legs that were purchased at the same time as the ones that had collapsed which resulted in 400 sets of landing legs being replaced at a huge cost.

  • In the US in 2011 there were 44,120 Injury cases reported by heavy truck divers
  • 61.4% of all  Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s) injuries related to upper limb disorders
  • The average amount of time lost to injury for a truck driver is 21 days which is unbelievable when you consider that the national average for the same type of injuries on Labourers,Freight,stock and material movers is only 9 days per year lost

Don’t just take our word for it have a look at the links below:




The PTS50 is the only ergonomically designed landing gear system on the market today that will also eliminate the risks surrounding landing leg systems by taking away the manual work involved and provide the customer with a no collapse guarantee due to the landing gear having the only automatic locking pin action available in the world.

The PTS50 operates at the push of two buttons, allowing you to safeguard your employees from upper limb disorders and protect your company from employee sick days and expensive claims due to work related accidents and injuries.

As the PTS50 only takes 5 seconds to operate against an average of 3 minutes on manual hand cranked systems your drivers will be spending more time in the safety of their truck rather than facing the harsh elements or dangers in a busy transport hub eliminating risk even further, but the benefits do not stop there please contact us for further information







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